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Heyside Farm has stabling for over 40 horses, with stallions and competition horses stabled in one side of the yard and visting mares on the other side. Visting mares have the choice of stabling, large straw pens or in the visiting mare paddocks – depending on owners preferred choice.

Visiting mares livery costs are priced at: (per week)
Stabling: £50 + VAT
Straw Pens: £35 + VAT
Field: £25 + VAT

Mares livery fees include hay and haylage. If owners want their mare to get hard feed during their stay at Heyside Farm there will be an extra charge.

It is the owner’s choice whether the mare stays at Heyside Farm for the 16 day scan once insemination is completed.

Livery fees for horses visiting Heyside Farm to be ridden/produced or sold:

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